Representative Consulting Experience:
U.S. Army Engineers.
Consultant on the experimental sand by-passing system at Oceanside, CA.
Authorship of chapters on wave climatology in the final report on the San Diego Region of the Coast of California Study.
Expert witness concerning wave damage at Redondo Beach, CA.
Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Consultant on West Coast wave climatology, beach erosion and wave-induced flooding.
Government of Mexico, I.I.E., Cuernavaca.
Consultation on sediment transport at the Vera Cruz nuclear energy plant.
City and County of San Francisco.
Consultant for the Clean Water Program on shoreline erosion protection at Ocean Beach.
City of Oxnard, CA.
Prepare conceptual designs for shoreline stabilization projects.
Military Sealift Command, Pacific, U.S. Navy.
Expert witness on wave conditions in Los Angeles Harbor during the 1 March 1980 Storm.
Electric Power Research Institute.
Review of studies on renewable energy resources in the ocean.
California Energy Commission.
Review of proposals on alternate energy sources in the ocean.
U.S. Coast Guard.
Study of wave conditions at the site of the 1990 oil spill near Huntington Beach, CA.
City of Carlsbad, CA
Consultation on coastal processes associated with the wetlands restoration project at Batiquitos Lagoon.
Department of the Environment, Cayman Islands.
Consultant to Beach Erosion Committee.
Expert Witness.
Numerous cases involving injury, loss of life and property damage in presence of large waves.
Engineering Consultant.
Retained by a number of engineering firms for consultation on wave climate, beach processes and wave power devices.